Bearded Guides

Some bearded guides come unannounced, to knock you down, and one should consider it their fortune!

Bearded Guides

Took me 33 years of toil and set the sail

Took him 90 minutes to foil and take the reign

Took him for a guide hoping to sail shores

Only to begin a journey towards a vague core

His eyes revealed a sort of compassion

Only to realize it was silent dispassion

First bearded guide rescued me from plights

Only to drop me in the lap of unknown flights

Second bearded guide seemed on a mission

Only to realize he was out to kill false vision

Everything happened fast and felt like a dream

With only me left to hear my scream

I felt worried could I be missing out on life

Only to realize I was hooked on to strife

Its futile to resist and dream of other place

When I could be at ease and miss the rat race

They showered their blessings and showed the way

Without giving a chance to bow down and pray

I know bearded guides don’t care for any praise

Still sharing this poem and song in honor of their abundant grace

🎼Song Credit🎼
Nasrat Fateh Ali Khan & Tanishk Bagchi

Baba Bulleh Shah

Bollywood song “Bulleya” paying an awesome tribute to Baba Bulleh Shah.

#BullehShah #मुर्शिद मेरा
Any creative endeavor around the 17th century mystic, Baba Bulleh Shah, is usually magic, and the song “Bulleya” from the arguably lackluster movie “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil” is no exception. Bulleya (Baba Bulleh Shah) must have been an extraordinary mystic during the Mughal era, to be still remembered & providing relentless intensity to any Sufi-style music.

AAPS (Amitabh Bhattacharya – lyrics, Amit Mishra – singer, Pritam – composer, Shilpa Rao – singer) have created an amazing song in Bulleya, where the lone seeker eventually, helplessly seeks for his disguised lover to be his guru (guide), and in a defying moment of abandonment, the seeker realizes that not everything worthwhile is attainable by effort, anything subliminal, needs surrendering into ease, and this leaves us suddenly submerged in Bulleya’s gentle presence in an undulating manner.
It’s fascinating how the composer mixes the traditional & modern instruments to create a “heavy style” of music, in contrast, revealing the surrendering emphasis of the lyricist, and appropriately adulating Baba Bulleh Shah with much reverence.
Hats off to 28 years young Lucknowi, Amit Mishra, for pouring his heart & talent, all over this deep, intense, soul-searching  song.
मेरी रूह का परींदा फड़फडाये, लेकिन सुकून का जज़ीरा मिल न पाए, इक बार को तजल्ली तो दिखा दे, झूठी सही मगर तसल्ली तो दिला दे, मुर्शिद मेरा,मुर्शिद मेरा|

Isha Yoga Center

112-ft Guinness award Adiyogi, Dhyanalinga, and part of Incredible! India – Isha Yoga Center, India, @11°N,76°E is a MUST to visit.


#IYC – Isha Yoga Center 
A burgeoning yoga center at the foothills of the Velliangiri, part of the Western ghats, in Coimbatore, Isha Yoga Center (IYC) is a beauty and surprising place to visit, invest & benefit. It’s been around for 25 years, and overtly popular only for the past 10. This space has been designed under the guidance of Sadhguru and thousands of volunteers who have poured in their love, willingness & commitment towards creating an infrastructure & platform for offering technologies of self-transformation & raising human consciousness.

The tools offered are subjective, powerful & very apt for the modern man, who has forgotten to invest in the only two instruments through which he can experience life, his body & mind. Applying the tools offered by Isha Yoga upon oneself, is a direct commitment on owning up to one’s life and willing to enhance it.

It offers an unique realization in one’s life, when after all the trials & tribulations one allows himself to succumb to, and fall prey to an assumed benevolence in trying to organize one’s life excessively – one only keeps on coming back to the cyclic experience of occasional triumph followed by an expected fall. This simple realization, if kept alive & unsullied, has the possibility of invoking an inward journey of tremendous significance!

Investing is an art of getting rewarded for having an insight into something in the present, whose potential or possibility is realized only in the future, immediate or distant. Humans in general, are not good at it for the simple reason, they lack balance, to be able to perceive what is happening in the present properly, since they muddle what they want to happen, with what is already happening in the present, on the screen of their perception.

Its a continuous issue with us & we erroneously look for solutions outside of us, except within, where this distortion is occurring. Subjective tools, like what is offered at IYC, are unique investment opportunities, which opens up the dimension of proper perceiving, by raising our inner energies, where we can start seeing the mechanics of how we’re distorting our own perception, and thus benefit significantly in the way we handle the affairs of the world and regain a balance within, which helps us in experiencing life with equanimity, a remarkably big deal worth investing in! 🙂

For most successful human, who has decent food, shelter & clothing properly organized for himself, life seems stressful and complicated, an unique attribute of the modern man.

He struggles with the lopsidedness of his emotions and logic, and finds himself cornered and confronting recurring challenges, because all his ideas of organizing his life should have given him freedom and happiness he’s frantically running after, except that, it seems fleeting or outright distant, at some imaginary horizon. Since, most of us exhibit the same experience of life, it seems like a natural way of strife, which happens to everyone, except that, its a fallacy to make such an assumption, without experimenting with subjective tools of transformation. If someone has a genuine intent at scrutinizing the anomalies in his perception of life and applies the technologies offered at IYC, it is pretty much assured, this person is on his way to freedom, because he’ll start seeing the shackles he applies upon himself.
Isha Yoga Center, spanned over hundreds of acres is surrounded by one of the 18 biosphere reserves of the country, and houses a broad variety of flora & fauna.

It’s an eco-friendly space, where only electric bikes & bicycles are promoted inside, and buildings are standing on organic & natural ingredients with an abundance of beautiful trees, flower bearing plants, intricate stone work, unique architectures and subtle aesthetics, augmenting the beauty of the space.

This message is an invitation to visit IYC, which houses the Dhyanalinga, an unique meditation temple, along with Guinness award winning 112-feet bust of Adiyogi, the originator of the science of yoga. If one is wise, tired, confused, confident or seeking, it is advisable to come for doing the introductory yoga program, aptly called “Inner Engineering”, details of the program and registration can be found at:
There are comfortable & super comfortable rental accommodations available, which need advance booking for anyone interested in visiting this space. Along with the burgeoning yoga center, the popularity has also been burgeoning and it makes a lot of sense for someone visiting, to book their rooms much in advance, to avoid any disappointment by calling +91 422-2515 470 / 471. People attending the Inner Engineering program get accommodated as part of the program schedule.

Investing is an art, while the science of yoga offers variety of subjective tools, and us humans need to marry this art & science, to create wellbeing.

Marrying this two can also help us in arriving at a space within, where struggles can be easily mitigated by fine tuning our inner energies to bring balance & harmony towards external stimuli, rather than seeking rampant counseling, incessant bickering & gossiping, succumbing to avoidable diseases, seeking answers in tabloids or self-help gospels, dulling the mind with soap operas, venting over phone, endlessly browsing the internet, or fatally & slowly falling for destroying habits of smoking, alcohol or drugs.

Linga Bhairavi Devi Yantra

An esoteric science needs an open mind, without falling for preconceived biases. Linga Bhairavi is a blessed opportunity not worth missing!


#Yantra #Devotion #Intelligence #Seeking #Devi
It’s hard to understand a science we don’t fathom, easy to speculate a science we don’t understand, but simply appropriate to share the experiences of applying that science, as it becomes a reality in one’s life!
Linga Bhairavi Devi, came into our lives on December 11, 2015, unplanned and forcibly. It wasn’t that we weren’t inclined to her grace, since her creation in January 2010, but we were totally swept off our feet, by her unusual entry, in the form of Linga Bhairavi Yantra, initiated together as a couple, on that fateful new moon night in the winter of 2015. In retrospect, her sudden move felt natural, as if a formidable presence, rightfully forced her way, without bothering for permission, and showering immediate and abundant blessings, by aligning our lives towards taking responsibility for creating wellbeing and rubbing it off on anyone who allowed contact.

A logical mind looks for easy or complex explanations for the happenings of life. If it can’t find one, it imagines one, thus avoiding an immediate feeling of stupidity or helplessness.

It seems easy that way, but is hallucinatory! Its not easy to gauge the simplicity of allowing a ritual and devotion to invoke one’s intelligence in living life, amongst the amalgamated complexities of human distress. Learning to surrender to the simple daily ritual instructed for performing the process with Devi, has very easily catapulted the experience of life, from constant “hamstering”, to a smooth, effective and lubricated way of living. Its not that suddenly all the challenges of an unaligned body, improperly applied mind, incongruous life energies, disappeared in a jiffy, but, the sweetness of slowly learning to surrender one’s ignorance, allowing the initiated presence of a Linga to be imbibed, observing the fallacies and limitedness of one’s knowledge, recognizing the restlessness towards the uncertainties of living, slowly learning to accept the pride and prejudices we love to cling on, becomes radiantly visible with her association, and it serendipitously leaves us in a space of eased seeking, gentle strides and gleeful demeanor.
Needless to say, we feel her benediction, as we learn to conduct the affairs of our lives, sometimes smoothly, other times, passing the necessary tribulations, but the guided presence of Devi, remains an obvious blessing beyond normal recognition. A yantra seems to be a simple tool, calibrated towards creating wellbeing, under the aegis of the energies of the form, created by someone who understands this esoteric science!

We may be city slickers, trained to be suspicious of tradition, lest we get jipped, but we are also city slickers, who recognize the value of a tool/device/machine/yantra, which helps lubricating the sophisticated human system, and stumbling upon one, are bound to unlock its value, by applying it in our daily lives, lest we forget how fragile we are!

Garfield unhesitatingly expounded: “Hard work never killed anyone; but why take a chance!” We’ve learnt not to take a chance, and seek out the blessing & grace of Devi, in guiding our daily lives, without any excitement, passion or faith!